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At Gordon Food Service, we

know what makes our organization

special: our history & culture, our

Cornerstone Values and most of all,

customers like you.


A proud supplier to Red Rock Camps – providing sales

and rentals of communication equipment including

high-speed Internet service, cellular repeaters,

portable towers, VoIP phones, handheld

satellite phones and VHF / UHF radios.

Awards and Recognition

Recently both the company and

Ferguson have been up for impressive

industry and leadership awards. The

company earned the Workforce Housing

Provider of the Year from the Oil &Gas

Awards. Ferguson attributes the win to

focusing on the company’s quality versus

quantity approach to doing business. He

acknowledged that “the equipment is

only one part, taking care of people is the

bigger focus.”

Ferguson himself is a finalist for the

EY Entrepreneur of the Year award

in the Energy Services division of the

Prairies region of Canada. When asked

what he thought stood out to EY for

the nomination, Ferguson credited the

uniqueness of what Redrock Camps is

doing, noting that the company is “adding

some color to the industry.”

What’s Next?

“We’re a remote logistics company

that just happens to do camps today,”

Ferguson said. “In the future I see

us continuing with our foundation

of providing services to people and

companies in the middle of nowhere, but

there’s so much more we can do.”

Yes, Ferguson is hoping—and planning—

for revenue growth but he thinks Redrock

Camps can also be an asset to the

community in the region.

“We’re good at getting things done in

remote locations, and I’d really like to see

us help with the planning and building on

the first nation community reserves,”

he concluded.



Oil & Gas BOSS