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person for the job; instead,

as long as the person has

the right character and

personality to fit Redrock’s

company culture, they are

considered for the position.

After all, the skills needed to

do the job can be taught.

Another way the company

is managing its growth—and

creating great opportunities

for its future—is through the

recent acquisition of Sockeye

Enterprises, a modular

installation company. Previous

to the acquisition, Redrock

Camps was outsourcing the

installation of its camps, but

now the company can provide

an “easy button” for its clients

by having the same supplier

of installation services, now

just at a reduced cost.

“Camp companies like us

don’t usually own installation

companies, but it became

more of a question of ‘why

not?’ rather than ‘why?’”

Ferguson said. “It’s going

great—our two companies

have the same core values,

and Sockeye has a great

culture and great people,

which makes the integration

process into our business

easy. Often, culture can be

the greatest challenge with

acquisitions, but we haven’t

found that with Sockeye.”



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Redrock Leadership Team