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Managing Rapid Growth

Redrock Camps, though only

established a decade ago,

is already a high-growth

company. Originally, Ferguson

and his business partner

relied on available human

capital that was already in

the industry, and didn’t spend

much in terms of HR in the

early days. But the pool of

qualified candidates began to

get smaller.

As the operation evolved into

the high-growth entity it is

today, Redrock and Ferguson

had to change strategy. Now,

he doesn’t just look for the

best trained or most skillful

decision-making clients, that

what some consider the

“extras” are actually central

to productivity. In short,

if a company’s employees

are comfortable in their

downtime, they will be

productive on the job.

The timeframe of setting up

the camp depends on how big

it is. Some are engineered to

sleep 50 people and can be

set up in a day. Other times,

large complexes that include

sleeping quarters for 200,

common areas, and a kitchen

area will typically take much

longer to set up: around three

weeks from start to finish.

“Our first job and our main

job is listening to the client

and what they really want,”

said Ferguson. “People who

hire and pay us never actually

sleep in the camps, so their

objectives are very different

from the people who are

actually in the camps every

day. We have to take into

account the financial concerns

of the leaders, as much as we

consider the needs and wants

of the people who are actually

using these facilities.”

Since the inception of the

company, Ferguson and

his team have developed

a strategy that shows the


Redrock 50’s Diner, Rapid Deployment Camp