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he didn’t know it at the time.

The degree came with an

understanding about why

people live where they live,

which has provided him with

a compass for guiding his

company and its mission.

Redrock works with each

client to customize their camp

of modular accommodations,

with the client providing the

site and Redrock providing

what is needed for the

temporary camp. Redrock

is also responsible for the

logistics of getting the

materials where they need

to go; before now, installation

companies built the camp.

And even though it’s

temporary and considered a

camp, it operates more like

a hotel.

“We like to ‘man-cave’ it up

a bit,” Ferguson shared. “We

take what our manufacturers

create and customize it to

bring a sense of home. This

could mean anything from

a ’50s-style diner theme

for the eating quarters to a

game room with fun activities

like pool and foosball for


Setting up Camp

Camps that Redrock provides

could be set up for 90 days

or five years, and once the

camp is leased and set up it’s

essentially the client’s.