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such as oil and gas, energy,

and mining during their time

in the Canadian wilderness.

Redrock’s modular

accommodations are unlike

anything else other companies

are providing in the industry.

“It’s all about providing an

experience for guests,” said

Troy Ferguson, President

and CEO of Redrock Camps.

“Our competitors build sterile

environments—white walls,

too-bright lights that feel like

a hospital. But we focus on

the emotional side—providing

a home away from home for

the workers who have to be

away from family and friends

for any length of time.”

Ferguson graduated university

with a degree in social

geography and a minor in

business administration,

which provided him with

the perfect set of skills for

Redrock Camps, although

4 |

Oil & Gas BOSS

| 2015

How do you make a worker

whose job takes place in the

middle of nowhere feel at

home when on the job? It’s

not easy, but Redrock Camps

has cracked the code. The

remote logistics company

based out of Calgary, Alberta

takes care of employees

working within hard industries


Torngat Solar Powered Arctic Research Camp