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goes into the FECR rail yard

directly from inside the port,

and domestic trucks have a

separate entrance under the

new Eller Drive Overpass.

But let’s talk cruises a

bit more: cruise facility

improvements, which have

been done steadily over

the past seven years and

are still currently underway,

have helped the port get

passengers from curbside

onto the ship in 15 minutes.

With efficiency in mind, Port

Everglades has completely

renovated six of its nine

cruise terminals to feature


Preparing a Port

for a Hurricane

BOSS Magazine’s interview with

Steven M. Cernak and Ellen

Kennedy of Port Everglades was

interrupted by the upcoming

landfall of Hurricane Erika, which

luckily left the port and the State

of Florida unscathed. Because of

the unique situation Mother Nature

put us in, we decided to find out

what it takes to ready one of the

U.S.’s biggest ports for a natural


“Port Everglades follows U.S. Coast

Guard regulations for operating

the Port during storm conditions,”

said Kennedy. “Depending on the

strength of the storms, cruise,

cargo and/or petroleum operations

may be affected.

“When a storm is approaching,

the U.S. Coast Guard determines

appropriate hurricane readiness

actions and when Port operations

will cease. Landside operations,

including the distribution of

gasoline, may still be open while

operations have been halted, but

access into the Port may be limited

to essential operations.”

containers throughout South

Florida and international

shipping containers between

ship and rail. This was a

huge upgrade for FECR and

the port, as the previous

intermodal yard was just 12

acres and located two miles

away. Now international cargo