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| September 2016


The company does not make any recommendations on

which lining may be required for their customers based

on regulations, but NCC does provide options for the

customer to learn what would work best for their product.

“We offer accelerated testing through our lining suppliers

on linings for customers so they can determine the right

fit for their products and needs,” Deutsch said. “Certain

industries are heavily regulated determining how they

can ship goods by land or sea, and it’s up to the customer

to make sure they understand the regulations. But North

Coast Container is there to simplify the decision process

when it comes to customizing their drums.”



Although it’s unusual for manufacturers to also be their

own shipping company, North Coast Container found it to

be a necessity.

“There are horror stories in this industry of manufacturers

employing trucking companies whose employees don’t

carry the same demeanor and customer service as the

companies they are delivering for,” said Deutsch. “We

discovered that the only way we could guarantee delivery

when our customers needed a project was to do the

deliveries ourselves.”

The decision to found STC Transportation was reached

years ago when North Coast Container was focused

on building the reputation of the company. Although

the company sometimes does employ outside delivery

organizations depending on the situation, a majority of

North Coast Container’s goods are delivered by their

in-house transportation division.


National Coatings, Inc.

was built

through its outstanding relationships

with its industries most respected

manufacturers and unwavering

dedication to provide them with only

the best quality and service.

National Coatings’ technical team

boasts a collection of some of

the most respected personnel in

the industry. In collaboration with

both the company’s suppliers and

forward-thinking customers, National

Coatings provides innovative

solutions to difficult challenges. This

approach makes us stand out in this


Customers know the team will

provide customized coatings that

provide peak performance for their

process and product. A recent

acquisition has introduced patented

and proprietary Polyres® technology

providing National Coatings with

the most comprehensive portfolio

of high-performance linings and

coatings in the industry. If you are

looking to reduce costs, improve

efficiency, or gain a competitive

advantage through cutting-edge

technology, National Coatings, Inc.

will be your trusted partner.

Team members collaborate to improve processes and guarantee

quality and consistency of all products.