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| September 2016


From color to linings and coatings, North Coast

Container could go through multiple variations,

sometimes more than 50 in a single day. Today,

the carefully-planned transitions between each

version of steel drum is a seamless process on

the shop floor to make sure no mistakes are

made in between drum batches.

To make sure these processes remain seamless,

North Coast Container has strong, supportive

relationships with the lining and paint suppliers.

The paint on the outside of these drums is

often water-based enamels, provided by

companies with which North Coast Container

has strong relationships. This paint maintains

the integrity of the drum from the outside,

helping the owners of the storage product

avoid corrosion and rust.

The inside chemical linings are imperative

for preventing leaking of the materials from

inside the drum, especially important if they

are hazardous or corrosive to raw metal. Other,

non-hazardous materials, both liquid and solid,

are shipped in North Coast Container’s steel

drums as well.


Manufacturer of in-drum agitators and gaskets

has been serving the new and reconditioned

drum industry since 1947. A wide variety of

industries use Woodman agitators, including

automotive coatings, solvent and waterborne

paints, protective coatings, wood varnish, stains,

and lacquers.

Woodman designs drive units, which mount

directly on top of the drum and allow for proper

coupling with Woodman in-drum agitators. Steel

drum, IBC, and plastic drum gaskets are made in

various sizes, shapes, and compounds including

EPDM, natural rubber, Viton, and neoprene.

Woodman Agitator is also a distributor of steel

drum components including plugs, plug gaskets,

and hardware. The company’s agitators and

gaskets are available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico,

and Europe.

Andrew Deutsch, VP Marketing & Business Development