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| September 2016


You’ve seen it before in

movies and TV shows: big

steel drums storing hazardous

materials that often give

away the bad guys and their

evil lair. These depictions

from the entertainment

industry—leaking, corroded

drums, storing liquids for

far too long—have led to a

fundamental misunderstanding

of the product. North Coast

Container is focused on

educating the industry, and

continuing its research into

the best materials, processes,

and finished products for its


There are several reasons

why steel drums are the most

widely used used industrial

package in the world. Drums

are one of the lowest cost

means of transporting

products, and 55-gallon

steel drums are the most

versatile and reliable industrial

packaging solutions in the

world. This is because of steel’s

unique quality as a sustainable

and renewable resource; steel

is the most recycled material

on the planet because of its

permanent nature.

North Coast Container’s

55-gallon American-made

steel drums ensure that

products get to their

destination safely and

securely with the highest

quality packaging in the

industry. The company’s

drums transport substances

of all kinds, hazardous and

not, between producers and

manufacturers to help ensure

the highest degree of safety

along the way.

Through North Coast

Container’s customization

options, unique delivery

service, expanded production

capabilities, and innovative

designs, the company is

bringing products to market

unlike the other players in the




North Coast Container

understands that each

company’s needs for storage

or transportation are different.

That is why no standard

drum ever comes off of the

production lines at their

facilities. Each batch of drums

are custom ordered and


“The only similarity between

drums is that they are all made

of metal and are designed to

ship products,” shared Andrew

Deutsch, the company’s

Vice President of Business

Development and Marketing.

“We have two basic models—

an open head drum and a tight

head drum—but everything

else about the product varies

depending on a customer’s

unique specifications and