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very active in the oil and gas industry,

meaning that many of Mustang’s

customers are active in the area.

“We make sure our assets are in the

best geographic location to provide

efficient economic services to our

customers,” Greg commented.

The company is also in the process of

trading in four older trucks for larger,

more efficient vehicles that can deliver

more water with fewer units on the road.

A plan for diversification into hauling

equipment is also in the works, which

would help Mustang provide a one-

stop solution to existing customers.

“We want to be a top-tier regional

solutions company,” Greg said. “I want

our customers to rely on us to see, solve,

and execute their problems. There’s a

lot of area in the region our company

doesn’t have a hold in yet. I’m hoping that

with this strategy we can successfully

increase our footprint in the region.”

Top Hand Training instructors have a no nonsense teaching

style, providing oil and gas regulatory safety training for

companies in the Utica and Marcellus regions.



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Serving the SW Pennsylvania and surrounding regions.

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Get the bulk water you need

when you need it! Increase

your water capacity by adding our

water management plans to yours.



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ector of Marketing; Greg Cook, CEO;