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with the equipment they will

be operating on a daily basis.

Then in-truck training begins.

This can last just a week or

up to a month, depending

on the new employee’s

skill level coming into the

company. The minimum one

week of training guarantees

new workers—even if they

have extensive experience—

are practicing safe driving

techniques that are up to

Mustang’s level of standards.

Many of the employees of

Mustang Oilfield Services

are from the region, a move

which Greg says is almost

necessary for success

in a region like theirs.

“We have heavy winters and

good summers here in the

Appalachian Mountains, and

the terrain is very different

from other shale plays. Local

employees are familiar with

this part of the country,

and know the dangers of

driving in the region. That’s

what makes them some

of the best employees in

the region,” he said.

Knowing that happy

employees are productive

and safe employees,

Greg makes sure that his

employees have strong health

insurance packages, good

benefits, and a wage that

goes beyond base pay.

24/7 Solution

Within the last several

months, Mustang has

instituted a new 24/7

mechanic shop to maintain

the efficiency of its fleet of

trucks. It started with an

idea the operations manager

and business development

manager brainstormed after

asking the question “What

can we do to provide better

service for our customers?”

This new shop has a mechanic

present at all times of the day,

meaning any problem can be

addressed almost instantly,

and employees aren’t

plagued with broken trucks

and down time. This helps

Mustang maintain quality

service to its customers.

What’s Next?

Mustang’s newest location

in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania

is looking to do big business

for one of its bigger

customers in the coming

years. The area is currently


From left to right: Jessica Scott, Processing Department; Alice Miner, Billing Department Manager; Megan Cook, Di

Chase McCarthy, Director of Business Development; Jim Neff, Operations Manager