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A local company with a

country-wide perspective

of the oil and gas industry,

Mustang Oilfield Services

provides several services

for leaders in the field. The

trucking company hauls water

to and from sites, and has a

sizeable ancillary business in

flatbeds, tractors, and winch

trucks to provide value-

added services to its clients.

Mustang began business in

August of 2013 with 4 water

trucks and 12 employees,

and has since grown the

operation to 19 water trucks,

6 tractors, and 65 employees.

This amount of growth in

such a short timespan has

been made possible by the

leadership and guidance of

Mustang CEO Greg Cook.

“We strive to create a regional,

multifaceted, solutions-

based company rooted in the

family-based values we were

founded on, while not just

providing every employee

the opportunity to succeed,

but to thrive while focusing

on customer driven solutions

and safety,” he said. “We align

all of our projects with this

statement in mind by seeing

how our services will benefit

both our customers and

our employees.

“We don’t want Mustang

to be just a service

company, we want to be

a solutions company.”

Cook and his wife Megan—

who is Director of Marketing

for the company—are

from the region, and feel a

personal connection to the

area and its people. This has

allowed Mustang to align

its values and mission with

the needs of the region,

enriching the community by

hiring locally, and promoting

community involvement

and local outreach.

“We’re a family company

with family-based values,”

shared Greg. “We take every

job and employee personally,

and make it our mission to

exceed the expectations of

our customers. At the end

of the day, our decisions

aren’t getting questioned

by shareholders or a board

of directors, they are being

questioned by our family,

so we strive to get it

right every time.”

Safe, Local Employees

This family approach to

business is evident in

Mustang’s safety strategy,

which is focused on getting

each and every employee

home in the same condition

in which they came to work.

There are several components

that contribute to the

company’s behavioral-based

safety program, including

“tailgate talks” before every

shift, weekly safety bulletins

that cover a particular safety

topic related to the oil and

gas industry, as well as safety

topics that apply outside of

work like decorating your

house during the holidays

and hunting season safety.

“We want our employees

to think safe all of the

time, not just at work. We

want people to do safe

things because they are

safe people,” said Greg.

Safety training starts the

first day of an employee’s

career with Mustang. He or

she spends a full day in a

classroom in the main office

learning about benefits,

policies, and procedures,

as well as watching safety

training videos. But that’s

only the beginning.

Day two kicks off what

could be up to four weeks of

training in the field. Safe land

training is followed by yard

training with each employee’s

supervisor to become familiar



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