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CIT is the trusted lending and leasing partner for the

businesses that manufacture — and use — the equipment

that powers the global economy. Our customized financial

solutions for small and middle market businesses deliver

the capital and ideas they need to grow.

Expertise and experience in equipment finance

to help your business grow.

CIT Knows

Equipment Finance


CIT Equipment Finance, a division of CIT Bank, is a leader

in developing financing solutions for small businesses and

middle-market companies for the acquisition of equipment and

services. The company creates equipment financing programs

for manufacturers like LiuGong, distributors, and product

resellers/dealers designed to help increase sales and assure

their customers can leverage the benefits of financing and

take advantage of our sophisticated 1:1 custom invoicing

capabilities, major account services, and outstanding customer

service throughout the finance term. CIT supports financing

programs for construction, industrial, office imaging, technology,

communications, healthcare, and franchise.

“We have a strong team with solid industry

knowledge and our products

are competitive in the market.”

territories to occupy,” said Mr. Zeng. “To

make sure we can provide product and

services that our customers from North

America require, we will continue to

implement the localization strategy and

invest in product development, sales

support, after-sales marketing,

warranty etc.

“The U.S. economy represents about 20

percent of total global output, which makes

the North American market still the most

important market in the world. It is critical

for LiuGong. We have a strong team with

solid industry knowledge and our products

are competitive in the market.”

“We create value for our customers,” Mr.

Li said. “If we continue to do that, we

will continue to find success in

North America.”