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“We hit profitability just 10

months after establishing

our new U.S. headquarters.

We came in focused and

ready to collaborate, and

because of that synergy

we’re seeing great success,”

said Luis Perez- Codina,

Companies VP of Marketing

and Commercialization.

Perishable goods make up the majority of the

company’s business, and have since it was founded.

However, the marketplace is entirely different today.

From a time when produce was mostly grown and

distributed locally to the farm-to-fork trends of

today, the freshness of the product is key as it is

shipped further and further from where it’s grown.

“Our technology allows us to cut down on transit

time, increase traceability, and continually maintain

quality during transit,” shared Pérez-Codina.

“Our customers can see the temperature of their

shipment, as well as other real-time updates

and analytics.”

Recently, Liaison Can./U.S. Logistics Inc. has

applied its new technology—specifically its

refrigerated fleet—and decades-old technology to

a new market: pharmaceuticals. Many medications

have to be transported at a very specific

temperature. Where perishables might have a five

to ten degree wiggle room, depending on the

product, some medicines can only be effective if

kept in a one or two degree range. With many of

the same requirements between perishable goods

like food and pharmaceuticals, Liaison had to do

surprisingly little before taking on their first pharma


“Medical providers are not expecting a transporter

to have these capabilities prior to requesting

them,” shared Shoif. “It hasn’t been a hard sell.

We’ve approached a few providers to get a

foundation in the industry, and the response has

been overwhelming. There are a lot of challenges

that come with the new marketplace, but we

are overcoming them with confidence and


Liaison’s Miami headquarters has provided

the company with a new potential channel for

revenue—a fresh produce division. The company is

now purchasing and selling fruits sourced from the

United States and Latin America. These perishables

make their way—via Liaison’s refrigerated trucks, of

course—all the way to Montreal.




September 2016