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has been providing steel detailing and consulting services since its inception

in 1970 and has grown from three people to a multinational company with 240-

plus employees and growing. The company owes its growth to pursuit of innovative

technologies and maintaining integrity and trust between its clients, suppliers, and

throughout the construction industry.

As part of our clients’ project team, Dowco employees and systems deliver expertise

and organizational capabilities through each stage. The primary objective is to make

the customer supplier experience as efficient and professional as possible by delivering

projects on time and within budget.

The steel detailing business is experiencing a global revolution. Emergent technologies

have created opportunities for cost-efficient service models for enterprising companies

locating strategic service elements in lower-cost, yet technologically competent regions.

Today, modern-day detailers have much of their detailing production done offshore.

Dowco is no different. The company has built an overseas team to complement their

North American production team. Utilizing the latest in collaborative technologies,

Dowco brings each of its locations together to function as one cohesive unit. This

facilitates the allocation of specialized people at the right time so scaling a project to

meet schedules can be achieved quickly and efficiently.

What makes Dowco’s business model unique from large foreign-owned detailing

companies is the number of experienced staff in North America. The company realizes

the importance of project managers and detailing technicians with decades of North

American project experience. Forty percent of Dowco’s production staff are in North


Dowco’s approach is not to offshore production. Rather, Dowco uses a managed task

approach to project execution. Dowco has offices in four different time zones, enabling

24x5 operation. With its unified global server, Dowco can rapidly deploy resources. This

ensures project controls remain with its experienced North American staff. Customers

benefit from time compression and a blended cost pricing model which ensures Dowco

delivers full value to all executed projects.

3D modeling, detailing, and collaboration technology continues to evolve as does the

push for increased efficiencies driven by market pricing. Detailer entrepreneurs with

the will and resolve to survive, the creativity and willingness to evolve, will become

rarities. The single source or industry standard ‘go-to’ detailing services company will

be that company that consistently delivers high-quality detailing services at competitive

prices, achieved through the efficient and rapid deployment of resources from a global

production infrastructure.