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JV Driver’s innovative approach ties back

to one thing: culture. Everyone I talked to

from JV Driver made it clear that the key

to nearly everything the company does is

its adherence to a Core Purpose to Think

Different, Build Better, and Core Values: Be

Innovative, Build Great Things, Take Care of

Each Other, and Have Fun.

It takes more than hard work and

determination to prove to clients that safety

and innovation are truly at the heart of

everything a company does. It becomes

incredibly apparent that these are engrained

in JV Driver’s culture when you see the

innovative programs and world-class safety

results, such as major projects like Imperial

Oil’s Nabiye SAGD, completed on-time and

on-budget—with zero lost time incidents.

“We realized that as an industry, safety had

plateaued,” said Forest. “To counter this we

created the Vigilance Program and shifted

from a procedural-based Health, Safety and

Environment (HSE) program to a behavior-

based HSE program. Instead of just having

management telling people what to do

and how to be safe, our Vigilance Program

engages our workforce to identify and

mitigate risk on a daily basis. We have data

analysis in place to give real time feedback

to our teams which allows them to bridge

any gaps in the system. We’re seeing people

intervene when they see a risk before it

becomes a problem.”

A large part of developing this culture within

the next generation workforce is through

mentorship within the Vigilance Program.

This ensures valuable insight is not lost;

instead, it is passed down to the younger

generations so that the newer workforce can

continue to uphold the company’s tradition

of safety and continue building great things.




March 2016