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thoughts and methods. It’s a

pleasure to see our company

working in this way.”

All of these company-wide

initiatives have come together

in a very short time frame. In

12 months, Hritz and his team

have completely turned the

plate mill around on safety,

quality, and productivity. In

fact, the company reduced

OSHA recordables by 66

percent, mill downtime by 54

percent, overall rejections by

47 percent, re-leveling by 76

percent, customer claims by

91 percent and cost of quality

reductions by 50 percent.

“To have these giant energy

companies’ approval is so

important in our line of

business. To get that approval

is not an easy thing, so I’m

proud of our team for getting

us so far in such a short

amount of time.”

By improving the productivity,

efficiency, and quality of its

mills in less than a year, and

in one of the worst steel and

energy markets in the last 20

years, JSW’s leadership now

has another thing on its mind:

investing in the future.

The executive team is

currently seeking investment

into the mill, and possibly

a majority share of the

company, to turn its steel mill

into the future of plate and

pipe steel fabrication. The

Jindal Group, JSW Steel’s

parent company, has decided

to exit the discrete plate

and large diameter energy

transmission pipe business

in the U.S., giving another

company the opportunity

to benefit from JSW Steel’s

recent improvements.

The company’s engineering

and operations team spent

months with engineers from

four of the most prominent

equipment suppliers to

conclude a design of the

widest and most capable

plate mill of the future for

North America.

The investment would

go towards a plethora of

upgrades, including a 3,000


descaler, inspection stations,

shearing equipment,

accelerated cooling, a new

5,000 ton hot leveler, and

inline cold leveling.

JSW Steel, like

many others in

the industry, is




spending after

November’s presidential

election, regardless of

who is elected. It’s the

perfect time to make

steel news history—

which new investors

will be along for

the ride?