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July 2016


Wilkinson also shared that Inogen has been a

proud partner to many of its suppliers for over

a decade, and goes out of its way to reward

those companies that do an exceptional job

with high quality and fast and consistent

delivery for oxygen concentrator parts.

Inogen’s employees are also very aware of just

how different and innovative the company is.

Since the economic crash of 2008, it has been

a difficult few years for the market, with fewer

reimbursements coming from Medicare and

other insurance options, and many companies

having to downsize and cut costs.

There are many things that employees of

Inogen can get behind. By advertising directly

to patients, Inogen has been able to scale the

business successfully since 2009. The direct-

to-patient approach keeps their marketing

fresh and the development team on their toes.

Because of this growth, the company has

been hiring new employees every month to

keep up with the demand in the marketplace—

new people who are excited to join a young,

growing company.

“Growth like what Inogen sees is exciting for

new employees. A growing company provides

career paths that a stagnant company just

can’t. Every one of our sales managers, for

example, has grown in the company from the

sales rep position,” Wilkinson said.

But above all else, employees love the

feedback they get from Inogen customers,

because the work that the company does is

truly changing lives.

“It’s fulfilling. We help people who have a

need. I’ve never worked for another company

that has received so many ‘thank yous’ from

customers. People send us pictures of them

on a trip of a lifetime, that they wouldn’t have

been able to do with a traditional oxygen

tank, or stories of how Inogen’s devices have

changed their lives.”