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is an industry

leading manufacturer of high-

performance molecular sieves.

The company’s commitment

to quality and performance is

unmatched within the industry.

Zeochem is dedicated to

developing the next generation

of ZEOX® molecular sieves for

the advancement of the medical

oxygen market. Its team works

closely with concentrator

producers to assist in design,

production, and overall

quality of medical oxygen


For more information, visit

or call


No matter how the company gets its product out there,

Inogen is able to capture the entire market. While end

users—the patients—are the key demographic, Inogen

also sells its products to home care companies if they

are interested.

Because the company has the whole market at its fingertips

so to speak, Inogen is able to put more capital into research

and development. It’s a full-circle approach from patient

feedback, to R&D, to providing devices sooner to its clients.

And it works.

It’s just another way Inogen sets itself apart in this

marketplace, and its suppliers and partners see this too.

“Our competitors are so focused on driving the cost out of

their final products that they tend to just look for low-cost

parts—commodity parts that are mass produced,” Wilkinson

shared. “We’re more interested in the right part that allows

us to build the product geared towards patient preference—

one that’s quality, reliable, and helps us work towards the

lowest total cost. We don’t usually bid out parts for the

lowest price. Our suppliers find that refreshing.”