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We were lucky enough to garner a sneak peek

at Inogen’s newest oxygen concentrator, the

Inogen One G4.

“Most of our clients are elderly—70 years old

on average. They don’t want to carry or push

around a 10-pound device,” Wilkinson said.

The Inogen One G4 is a mere 2.8 pounds.

This is much lighter when you consider the

competition of oxygen tanks, but it’s also

40 percent lighter than the last version,

the 4.8-pound Inogen One G3. It’s also a

whopping 50 percent smaller than the

last iteration.

It’s the first sub-three pound device on the

market, and it doesn’t compromise oxygen

output. And according to their tests, the

Inogen One G4 will have the highest oxygen

output per pound compared to other devices.