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“Our quality department is constantly reviewing

and updating our quality management plans,”

shared Villaman. “We work with the team to

develop these action plans, which are adhered

to whether quality assurance was part of our

contract with the client or not. It keeps us

accountable on the project, and it helps keep

our employees safe.”

HAKS’ safety training programs are approached

with the same care and dedication as quality

management. For example, the company’s

“lunch and learn” strategy brings HAKS

employees together with its vendors to establish

new knowledge points for both companies.

Once a month, HAKS connects with a vendor

in person for a one- to two-hour session that

includes a full presentation.

“It’s all about bringing technical expertise to

employees,” shared Villaman. “We send the

presentation to all technical staff, as well as any

field staff, and conference them in to make sure

everyone gains the knowledge. This approach

not only keeps us connected to our vendors, but

to the latest products on the market.”

Twenty-five years of success in construction

is an impressive milestone, but what does the

future hold?

“We’ll continue to do what has gotten us

to this point, but do it better in the future,”

Villaman said. “Quality systems have improved

dramatically in the last 25 years, and will

continue to evolve in the next 25. It’ll allow us to

better manage our projects, our people, and our


“Our focus on providing a quality product, as

opposed to focusing on revenue, has gained our

clients’ trust. The future for HAKS is to continue

to focus on growth through quality. We will

always keep the focus on the project at hand.”