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July 2016


“We’re keenly aware of the challenges our clients

are facing,” said Alberto Villaman, Executive

Vice President, who has been with the company

for 15 years. “A 24-hour turnaround time is no

longer acceptable by players in this marketplace.

It comes down to response time, addressing

challenges, and being able to deliver on complex


See how HAKS has become an award-winning

company through quality assurance,

extensive training, and a unique approach

to interacting with vendors in the industry.

Villaman is particularly proud of the company’s

quality assurance program, which provides

strict guidelines for every project. HAKS

has a department dedicated solely to quality

assurance, and project managers ensure

that each job-specific quality management

plan is adhered to.

HAKS Chairman and CEO Husam Ahmad

provides leadership in the company’s

commitment to quality work and to its

employees. He, along with senior management,

take on projects that provide additional

opportunities both for the company and its


HAKS is ISO (International Organization

Standardization) 9001 certified, conferring a

badge of credibility that clients trust. HAKS has

obtained certification for every department that

is considered billable; non-billable departments

are part of the certification as support services.

Long before the auditors from the SRI quality

system registrar assess whether a HAKS ISO

procedure is actually practiced or just theory,

HAKS conducts an internal assessment of its

quality management systems and processes.

Alberto Villaman, Executive Vice President