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Katie’s Seafood Market is proud to be partners with

the Gulf Wild seafood traceability and sustainability







Oil & Gas BOSS



operated on private sector donations

and government grants, but now that the

Foundation has a goal of making $10 million

a year for projects, membership becomes a

key strategy for the future.

As the discussion turned to the future,

the funding component was noticeably an

important topic, but one thing stood out

above the rest: changing human behavior in

the region.

“If we keep letting the same thing happen

year in and year out, and the future

generations don’t become educated

about preservation and conservation, we

could lose a lot of what makes the Gulf

of Mexico unique and the quality of life it

supports,” Dokken commented. “If we can

build awareness and understanding and

encourage these necessities however,

we’ve got a chance.”

visions and horizons of these kids, and

introduce them to a bigger world, and

even a bigger way of thinking,” Dokken

said. “More than ever we need to teach

kids to be critical thinkers, and the Coastal

Rangers Program is hopefully one way the

GMF will be able to do so.”

Teacher programs are a big part of

the GMF’s education efforts in the

region as well. Nearly 400 teachers

have participated in the GMF’s teacher

continuing education programs. These

teachers reach tens of thousands of

students and non-students annually.

Teachers’ programs include the Down

Under Out Yonder Coral Reef Ecology

Expedition and the Intracoastal Waterway

Expedition. Both programs get teachers

into the field to study the habitats and

socioeconomic structure of the coastal

zone. The Down Under program is its 19th

year and the Intracoastal program is in its

3rd year.

Encouraging Membership

What many people tend to forget about

an organization like the GMF is that it is

not a charity.

“We’re here to educate the general public.

We have always maintained that when you

partner with us, you’re not supporting a

charity, you are investing in a key part of

your mission statement,” Dokken said of

businesses that work with GMF.

Like a charity however, a steady stream

of cash flow can sometimes be an issue.

Many non-profit, educational foundations

like GMF find success in raising money

through public membership services.

Dokken shared the GMF has always