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researcher your main goal

is to put new knowledge on

the shelf,” he commented.

“I’m much more interested

in putting that knowledge to


Dokken highlighted the

Foundation’s Habitat

Restoration Technology

Training program, which is

in its second year and has

earned rave reviews from its

participants. The program is

geared towards the growing

society of young people who

have not necessarily been

successful in the traditional

education path or are coming

out of the military. Its focus

on the 17-25 age group allows

the GMF to introduce careers

in the coastal zone to people

who may not have previously

been aware of some of the

opportunities. The program

works with American

Youth Works, Student

Conservation Association,

Galveston College, and similar

organizations to help set the

building blocks to a potential

career in the Gulf.

The Coastal Rangers Program

is one close to Dokken’s heart.

The program is currently in

development, and will target

grades 5-12. The objective

is to develop a network of

school-based clubs around

the Gulf of Mexico from

Cancun to Key West. Led by

contracted teachers, these

“Coastal Rangers” will engage

in field projects important to

their local areas, and will be in

constant communication with

each other via the internet

and social media. The intent

is to introduce these students

to the reality of the size and

diversity of the Gulf of Mexico


Ultimately, online student

conferences will be organized

to create dynamic interactions

between the Coastal Rangers.

Not only will the participants

expand their knowledge of

economic and environmental

issues, they will learn

valuable communication,

organizational, and leadership


“We really have an

opportunity to broaden the



Oil & Gas BOSS



DUOY Class of 2014 spotted a whale shark from aboard the M/V Fling, not an uncommon occurrence in the area.