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Although the GMF is based

out of Corpus Christi, Texas,

the foundation works with

the other coastal states—

Louisiana, Mississippi,

Alabama, and Florida—as well

as Mexico and the Caribbean

territories of the U.S and has

since invested and leveraged

more than $10 million in

15,000 acres of habitat

restoration projects in this


“I’ve lived near the coast my

whole life, and after a while

you feel a certain commitment

to maintain and preserve the

environment,” said Quenton

Dokken, president and CEO

of the foundation, in an

interview with American BOSS

Magazine. “GMF is providing

With a focus on environmental

health, economy, and

productivity, the Gulf of

Mexico Foundation (GMF) has

been a voice for conservation

in the region since 1990. The

foundation was established

as a conduit for industry

to have a coordinated and

effective involvement in the

region, and has been a part

of development, habitat

restoration, and environmental

education for teachers and

students since its inception.

Numerous private sector

businesses as well as state

and government agencies

partner with the GMF to

implement education and

restoration programs every


great educational programs

and opportunities to get

involved with preserving the

region for future generations.”

Educational Programs

Successful conservation

efforts are based on one

main keystone: education.

Educating both teachers and

future generations about the

importance of maintaining the

Gulf of Mexico’s habitats and

ecosystems is one of the most

important ways the GMF is

assisting the region.

Dokken certainly knows the

value of education. Before

Dokken was president and

CEO of the Foundation, he

spent time as a researcher.

“I love science, but as a



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