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August 2016


Contractor Safety Performance Most Improved—Large Company.

FMGOC is a diverse organization, aiming to reflect the makeup of

the surrounding population. The company strives to maintain its


of a minimum of 20 percent Aboriginal employment within

its workforce.

“Employees are our greatest resource and we value their

contribution towards the success of the organization,” shared

King. “We work hard to develop a trusting and mutually beneficial

relationship between management and staff.

“We believe that every employee counts and that by creating a

stable work environment, giving employees a defined career path

and focusing on our core values—safety, integrity, and quality—

we have developed an outstanding organizational culture where

everyone can attain success.”

But perhaps my favorite aspect of the FMGOC is its involvement in

the Beaver Creek Wood Bison Ranch. It’s a joint venture between

Syncrude Canada Ltd. and the Fort McKay First Nation. In 1993, talk

of reclaiming some of the land utilized by Syncrude’s past mining

operations evolved into the idea

of introducing large mammals

to test the land’s sustainability.

So for much of the FMGOC’s

history, a herd of over 300

wood bison has been growing

and thriving on over 450

hectares of reclaimed grassland.

The bison is a symbol of

strength and has significant

cultural importance to First

Nation communities, where

the animal provided food,

shelter, and tools for thousands

of years. Increasing the bison

population symbolizes an

important part of rekindling

First Nations culture in

Canada and FMGOC has been

contributing to these efforts.

Cross dock facility in Edmonton Alberta