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In 1986, the Fort McKay Group of Companies LP (FMGOC)

began doing business with one single janitorial contract and

six employees. Today the company, wholly owned by the

Fort McKay First Nation Band, has worked hard to gain

credibility into the oil sands region by establishing several

service-based companies.

As the company celebrates its 30th anniversary, I had the

unique opportunity to garner an inside look at the makeup

of the company, how it does business, and its work in

the community.

“Since our inception, we’ve expanded to address the growing

need of the region in the energy industry,” shared Adam King,

CEO of FMGOC. “The Group of Companies has become an

active contributor to the economy with a significant impact

and broad reach in business through employment, spend,

investment, and tax contributions throughout the Regional

Municipality of Wood Buffalo and beyond.”

The large oilfield construction and services company in

Northern Alberta is comprised of three limited partnerships

including Fort McKay Strategic Services LP, Fort McKay

Logistics LP, and Steep Bank Earth LP. A logistics division

and a strategic services division form the foundation for

the FMGOC.

Fort McKay Logistics LP has over 20 years experience in

logistics, warehousing, and materials management, and

partners with industry leaders such as Acklands Grainger,

Vallen, and Day & Ross to successfully service its clients.

“The continued success of FMGOC businesses is only

possible through mutually beneficial collaboration, which has

become a defining model for business development,” shared

King. “We value the collaborative partnerships we have with

our suppliers and strategic partners and continue to develop

relationships based on trust and mutual respect resulting in

increased business opportunities.”

With locations in Edmonton, Fort McMurray, and Fort McKay

Industrial Park, Fort McKay Logistics LP can provide a fast

and efficient delivery service to and from Fort McMurray

and all oil sand sites, as well as delivery freight service for

Edmonton, Calgary, and beyond.

FMGOC’s strategic services are wide ranging, providing

customers with quality solutions in the industry. The

earthworks division has a fleet of over

60 pieces of heavy equipment that is

available and allows the company to

provide mining services to oil sands

projects in the region. Regardless

of if it is a long-term contract or

short-term project, FMGOC offers

heavy equipment operators, grounds

keeping, coverall delivery, flagging,

guardrail repair/installation, and

general labor services, to name a few.

Fleet maintenance services rely on

good old-fashioned customer service

provided by dedicated employees on

the maintenance team. From regular

service and seasonal tire change

to troubleshooting and diagnosis,

FMGOC ensures its customers’

vehicle repairs and maintenance

are worry-free.

“Through continuous quality

improvement we strive to deliver

reliable and dependable services

while maintaining a competitive

cost advantage,” said King. “We

will continue to develop a strategic

business platform to address the

changing market conditions and

respond to the needs of our clients.”

It’s easy to see the company’s

contributions to the oil sands industry

are vast, but perhaps most telling of

FMGOC’s success is its continuing

commitment to the community of

people the company serves. As a

First Nations company, FMGOC

feels a unique responsibility to the

community, the land, and its people.

“FMGOC has strong cultural roots and

a deep respect for the environment,

which continues to provide the

community with employment

opportunities, infrastructure, and




August 2016