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Mentorship Program:

Growing Future Employees

Fischette’s diverse experience

in the energy industry has

been an incredible asset to

Concord Engineering, and

has also helped him identify

upcoming trends. Fifteen

years ago, he noticed a

large age gap developing

between existing, experienced

engineers and midlevel, young

graduates. Fewer and fewer

graduates were interested in

joining the power and facility

design industries, which

Fischette attributed to the

massive “brain drain” due to

the explosion of technology


“Everyone wanted to be

Bill Gates in the ’90s, and we

lost a lot of potential talent

in the industry because of it,”

he said.

Concord Engineering

instituted a mentorship

program during this time

that helped ease this

“brain drain” and set the

foundation for innovative

recruitment strategies and

employee retention going

forward. Fischette focused

on character development

and technical training for the

recruits, and matched each

one with an experienced

engineering mentor.

“We found that the

experienced engineers were

happy to teach and maintain

their legacy,” said Fischette.

“Now, these 20-somethings

are in their late 30s and

early 40s, and the fruits of

Concord’s vision have paid

off. The company now has a

mature, high-energy group of

managers that have a great



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