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project developed, the added

benefit of 69KV substation

design experience proved

to be invaluable to Holtec.

“Concord has a unique

affinity for Holtec,” said

Fischette. “My background

(in mechanical engineering,

and time spent working on

the design of nuclear plants)

as well as the solutions

our business could provide

matched perfectly with

the needs Holtec had. We

understand how to provide

engineering and design for

facilities and utility grade

electric distribution, and that’s

exactly the expertise they are


As another example of

diversity, Concord designed

and built an on-site utility

plant owned by NRG at the

University Medical Center for

Princeton—this is one of the

company’s standout efforts.

The plant provides efficient

electric generation on site,

as well cooling and heating

for the medical center.

“If there is another hurricane

like Superstorm Sandy in the

area, this plant would be able

to provide its own electricity

if the grid was down,”

commented Fischette.

Concord Engineering provided

the full range of services

on this project, from design

through construction.

“Few engineering companies

have embraced the risks of

taking on construction in

their industries. We were

confident if we took the risk

on something we were very

accomplished in, it would be

a success.”




Success BOSS



170MW Combined Cycle power plant