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“High-class results begin

with high-class people,”

shared Michael Fischette,

Founder and CEO of Concord

Engineering, a multi-

disciplined engineering and

construction management

firm with extensive knowledge

in designing and developing

mechanical and electrical

systems for several industries.

“I don’t just look for

employees with great

cognitive skills. Character,

personality, and great

communication skills are all

just as important to me as

an engineering acumen.

When you put someone

with these attributes in front

of a client, you are almost

guaranteed success.”

With over 100 engineers

and designers—many who

have over 30 years of

engineering experience—

Concord Engineering can

deliver turnkey services

on large multimillion dollar

projects while maintaining

the personal attention

required by clients.

In an exclusive interview

with BOSS Magazine,

Fischette was fast to provide

little gems of insight into

his leadership style. For

example, everyone at the

company is counted on for

playing to their strengths,

not being consumed by their

weaknesses. He also touted

the diversity of employees’

expertise as a key factor of

the company’s success

“We’re intentionally not a

one-stop shop company,”

Fischette said. “But to be as




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