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Other tools create efficiencies for BF Joy

too. They have implemented a company-

wide mobile application that allows people

in the field to enter notes on the status of

construction, giving employees from the

top down a chance to see where a project is

status-wise in real-time.

“Construction companies are notoriously slow

to adapt to change, it’s kind of a dinosaur

industry. Our mobile application has been

an incredible tool to help us catch up on

the technology side of things. It eliminates

paperwork in the field, and gives supervisors

instant feedback to if they are on, ahead of, or

behind schedule with a project.”

This is another way Joy is able to create

healthy competition that drives a strong

company culture. Results from the mobile

application are posted in the foreman’s shop,

meaning everyone knows the status of every


“It’s that extra little push to pump up the

employees to do a good job before going to

the site,” he said.

The biggest benefit is the time it saves a crew.

When a supervisor can make small changes

day to day to stay on track, big changes and

fixes are avoided.

BF Joy is making investments in several other

areas of the business too. The Great Recession

led the company to make some changes to cut

more costs than usual, including waiting a little

longer to rejuvenate its fleet of vehicles. Since

making a full recovery in 2012, BF Joy has been

wholly committed to catching its fleet up with

the rest of the business.

“The average age of our equipment went past

where we wanted it to be, so we are making

a big investment into a fleet rotation plan,”

shared Melissa Koehler, President and CEO of

BF Joy. “It has given us a great opportunity

to make sure we are not only using the right




February 2016