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Working construction contracts in Washington

D.C. is a unique privilege. As our nation’s

capital, the district houses many of the most

important buildings in the country, ranging

from the Smithsonian museums to the White

House. But it’s often what you don’t see that

keeps the political center of the U.S. locations


BF Joy LLC, a veteran-owned small business

specializing in the installation, maintenance,

and rehabilitation

of underground

infrastructure for the

public and private

sectors, has been a

part of the makeup

of Washington D.C.

and surrounding

areas since 1917.

From its humble

beginnings hauling

wood and feed

to D.C. homes via

horse-drawn wagons

to becoming the first

contractor to install

underground conduit

and manholes in

D.C., BF Joy has

worked on—or

rather, under—major

locations running

from the U.S. Capitol

and FedEx Field to

the White House and Pentagon.

“We’re coming up on 100 years in 2017. Not

many companies can say they have 100 years

of experience,” said Kevin Joy, BF Joy Owner.

“It’s quite a history we have here. And the fact

that it’s remained a family company since my

great grandfather founded it provides me with

a great sense of pride.”

As the company begins to plan for its

centennial celebration, it continues to devote

its attention to being a leader in efficiency and

Lean Six Sigma while providing the legendary

service for which BF Joy is known.

The focus on efficiency is driven by BF Joy’s

desire to be as cost competitive as possible.

It can be challenging to come up with new

lean ideas, so the company employs people

from all levels of the company to propose

anything that they believe will help improve

the workflow. Those

with good ideas are

recognized, which

means there’s always

a little healthy

competition to see

who can come up

with the next great


The result of this has

been a lot of little

things that have

added up to big


“A lot of it comes

down to simple

things like moving

away from paper-

pushing to utilizing

more electronic

platforms and

databases. But it

also goes beyond

that,” shared Joy. “We look at every process

we do and trim the fat to get down to what is

essential. It can be a challenge to come up with

new ideas, which is why we opened it up to the

whole company.”

Although BF Joy does a range of different

types of projects, a lot of the work they do

is very similar. This allows the company to

streamline their processes further, employing

cross application from project to project.




February 2016