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delivering the user experience members have

come to expect from modern innovation.

One of the issues is that club operators are

reluctant to pilot new technology, which in

turn makes it hard for innovators to iterate

their offerings and get them market ready.

The result is that many

good ideas do not get

nurtured in a manner

that enables them to

evolve to being go-

to-market ready.

To remedy this,

The Active

Idea Lab


innovators an opportunity to obtain measured

results before reaching out to operators. By

helping innovators eliminate certain risk, The

Lab will help more companies succeed, and

better products come to market.

Active Wellness has the advantage of being

located in one of the most innovative areas

in the world. The Lab’s virtual space will be

developed so that information is shared freely

across the entire fitness ecosystem.

“In 2017, we will primarily focus on helping

innovators by working with entrepreneurs to

develop better fitness products,” said Mike

Rucker, Vice President of Technology. “We

will then likely expand to create exploratory

environments (e.g. the Apple Store) where

members can freely test early-stage devices so

that we are not just advancing the industry but

also bringing members into it.”

“We set out to build a great company doing

work we are passionate about on a rock solid

foundation—people,” said McBride. “I believe

we hire the best in the industry who

every day operate with heart,

compassion and authenticity.

“Each of us is passionately drawn

to our mission of improving the

lives of others, and we know

that if we approach every

decision and action with

making our people feel

better to remain engaged

each day, then results

will follow for our

members and