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September 2016 |

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“People are the biggest commodity in this industry. It’s one of our

biggest challenges to finding good people to bring on.”

Industry connections, college interns, and hiring people out of

college have led to the stellar workforce at OCEANAIR, but there

are very few transportation programs at the university level.

Luckily, when this company hires, it often hires for life.

“We retain people for a really long time, decades even. And

we continue to make changes internally—like moving from an

assembly line way of completing orders to a door-to-door system

for our teams—that endear our employees to the brand.”

The brand saw the need to service customers in the best possible

way. So now, when someone is assigned a shipment, they oversee it

from start to finish.

“Passion is what sets you apart as leaders,” said Ed Kaplan, CEO.

“We employ the best—people who are passionate and self-


“This is a family-owned business in many ways,” Paul Falewicz, CFO

shared. “The feedback from our customers has always been that

they don’t feel like a customer, they feel like part of the

OCEANAIR family.”

“So the difference makers

have to come from somewhere

else. Customers are looking

for a solution-driven approach

rather than a B2B transaction.

We build our solutions around

customers’ needs.”

The brand and customers both

benefit from the high-tech

solutions, but as Paul Rawate,

Digital Marketing Manager

shared, the brand is truly

built through OCEANAIR’s

employees. The goal in-house

is to develop a culture all

members of staff can buy

into, so customer’s needs and

wants can be satisfied by the

company as a team.

“It’s very much a team concept

instead of a silo concept at

OCEANAIR,” said Kaplan.

From left to right: George Tsirogianis, Vice President, Corporate Accounts; Joe

Wyson, Executive Vice President, (Founder & Owner); Kelly L’Heureux, General

Manager, (Maine Office); and Pamela Davis, Account Executive; and Ed Kaplan,

Chief Executive Officer, (Founder & Owner).

ouse team at OCEANAIR Perishables.