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| September 2016


generations are making Boston

one of the top cityfor startups

in this country. Their demand

for access to this technology is

what will shape our future.”

As the competition begins to

embrace new tech platforms

such as client portals like the

one OCEANAIR uses, the

company is committed to

staying ahead of the curve

by entering the data capture

and share phase of their

business before others in the

marketplace. This is allowing

customers to access their data

and information faster and

in more ways (like on mobile

devices) than ever before.

“All companies in this business

use the same types of ships

and planes,” Kaplan shared.

Even from the beginning of its three-decade history, OCEANAIR

has been offering technology on the export side of its business that

no one else could. The company started as an air export company,

and evolved as new opportunities presented themselves.

The company’s new technology is called TOD (Tracking OCEANAIR

Data) and its implementation began in trial phases last fall.

It addresses one big demand that most customers are asking

for today: clients want clear supply chain visibility and also an

observable picture of financial impact of the supply chain.

“We never stop looking for new technology,” said Kaplan. “Our

recent investments in tech have been based on customer demand

and address upgrades in pricing and estimating transit time. This

way, we can provide the client with new ways, like through the

client portal, to get data and use it in real time.”

The industry is driving the changes and upgrades in technology as

well. With U.S. Customs putting in new systems, like the Automated

Commercial Environment platform, individual carriers are having to

change the way they've done things for years. OCEANAIR is seeing

influences for change beyond the desires of its customers.

“Technology is the future for us as a company and for the industry,”

Tim Dooner, Director of Business Development, shared. “New

From left to right: Jodi Olson, Director of Business Development, (OCEANAIR);

Florence K.M. Li, General Operation Manager, (Cohesion Hong Kong); Joseph C.K. So,

Managing Director, (Cohesion Hong Kong & China); and Timothy Dooner, Director of

Business Development, (OCEANAIR).

The early morning crew from the ware